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Clover Keeper
Perennial Clover
Clover Keeper is a highly preferred,
high-tonnage, easy to grow
perennial clover
blend.  This new product is composed of top
yielding red and white clovers from multiple
state grazing and tonnage trials.  These clovers
accommodate a wide range of soil types,
temperature ranges, and soil conditions.  The
clovers work synergistically, flowering and
maturing at alternating times for excellent
spring and fall growth.  One 12 lb bag covers
one acre.  Also available in 1/6 acre quick grab
sizes.  Seeds are pre-inoculated.
ESCO Annual Summer Blend
ESCO Annual Fall Blend
Big Buck 6 Natural Forage Soybean
Top Five is the new annual clover blend
containing the best annual clovers.  The balansa
clover in this blend can reach up to 3 feet in
height.  The five annual clovers work together to
prolong your growing season.  The clovers have
different maturities, flowering times, and
tolerances to soil and weather conditions.  These
medium and large leafed clovers are highly
palatable, produce excellent tonnage, and can
accommodate various soil types.  Each 12 lb bag
plants one acre.  This blend is also available in
1/6 acre quick grab size (pictured right).  The
seeds are pre-inoculated.
Big Buck Forage beans have more tonnage and food per acre than regular beans.
Big Buck 6 is the premium non-GMO forage soybean.  It is easy to
establish, has large, high protein leaves, is very tall, and has
excellent forage yield.  It can be grown naturally without the use
of herbicides.  This variety contains
no genes for glyphosate or
Roundup Tolerance.
  Big Buck is conventionally bred and capable
of reaching heights over six feet.  Among the available non-gmo
forage varieties, this variety has higher tonnage as shown in
several state university tests.  
You can follow conventional
soybean herbicide treatments to easily eliminate weeds from the
ESCO Annual Fall Blend quickly and easily establishes season-long,
highly palatable forage.
 This blend contains cruciferous plants that
start growing quickly along with leafy legumes that keep your deer
returning to your plots.  It also returns nitrogen to your soil.

This blend contains a proportioned amount of 3 different types of
winter annuals: Dwarf Essex, Austrian  Winter Pea, and Clover.
The summer-long blend  is widely adaptable and highly preferred
by deer.  The Annual Blend contains several high protein summer
favorites:  Big Buck Forage soybeans, Cowpeas, Peredovik Black
Oil Sunflowers, and Buckwheat.

We designed this
plot for easy maintenance, you can use labeled
grass herbicides to remove weeds from this plot.  ** Always read
and follow label directions.
Top Five Annual Clover
Smorgasbord Fall Blend
Our newest fall blend.  Smorgasbord contains Eagle's
varieties of protein-packed radishes, rape seed, kale, and
collards, along with  high tonnage Balansa clover, quick
growing berseem, and early spring growing crimson
clover.  All these ingredients are rounded out by high
tonnage oats, wheat, and rye to carry your deer into the
next spring and summer.   Plant one 50 lb bag per acre.
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